Quick, Prompt and Delivered

Overland forwarding is a huge portion of logistics spent every year for most companies, and every year it gets tougher to manage service reliability from providers while keeping costs down. ALS Target is the partner you can trust to deliver reliable service at competitive rates so you can continue to drive value from more efficient logistics operations.

We are well connected by road to other GCC countries and are offering exceptional road transport to our customers within the GCC countries. We offer both local and long-distance trucking services to facilitate the pickup and delivery of your shipments


LTL (Less Than Truckload) – This means a shipment that does not require a full 48’ or 53’ trailer. There are specialized carriers for these types of services. It could be a van or a flatbed or any other specialized truck depending on your needs. Pricing depends on the following and not limited to: weight, dimensions, tailgate, inside delivery, residential delivery, and so on. A long with the distance of the shipment.

FTL (Full Truckload) – This means the shipment will fill an entire 48’ or 53’ trailer. FTL shipments can require straight truck, 48’/53’ van or specialized equipment, which depends on the needs of the goods being shipped.